July 21st, 2023

Cold Cash, Warm Convenience: The Advantage of Winter Car Shipping

Dive into the counterintuitive world of winter car shipping in the United States. Far from being a period of exorbitant costs and logistical nightmares, winter emerges as a time of unexpected affordability and convenience. Explore how decreased demand during the colder months results in lower prices and faster services. Additionally, discover why even sun-soaked Florida and frosty Alaska can offer unique cost advantages in winter. With proper preparation and a reliable shipping company, you can navigate winter car shipping effortlessly. Join us as we unravel the surprising economics and benefits of transporting your vehicle in the winter season.

Cold Cash, Warm Convenience: The Advantage of Winter Car Shipping

The Surprising Economics of Winter Car Shipping

Unveiling the myth that winter presents the most challenging time for car shipping, let’s start with the fact that shipping your car during winter can be significantly cheaper. Firstly, this trend directly relates to demand and supply dynamics. During summer, as families plan their vacations, students migrate to colleges, and snowbirds relocate, there’s a substantial uptick in demand, causing an increase in shipping prices. Conversely, the winter sees a dip in these activities, leading to lessened demand and, thus, lower prices.

Climate and Costs: A Counterintuitive Connection

Surprisingly, the harsh winter weather, often assumed to make shipping more expensive, works in favor of lower costs. The perception of winter as a challenging period deters many from shipping their vehicles, further reducing the demand. As a result, carriers offer competitive rates to attract customers. Moreover, professional carriers are well-equipped and experienced in dealing with winter conditions, ensuring the safe transportation of your vehicle.

Destination Dynamics: The State Factor

In the United States, the state you’re shipping your vehicle to or from plays a significant role in determining the cost and convenience.

Subheader: Sunny Florida’s Off-Peak Perks

For instance, let’s consider Florida, a state known for its influx of “snowbirds” escaping the harsh northern winters. Contrary to expectation, shipping a car to Florida in winter can be more affordable. This is because most “snowbirds” have their cars transported in late fall, causing the demand and prices to drop by mid-winter.

Subheader: Alaska’s Cold Comfort

Similarly, shipping to or from Alaska, despite its challenging weather conditions, can be cost-effective during winter. The reduced demand due to the state’s extreme cold results in carriers offering attractive rates to compensate for the downturn.

The Convenience Factor: Why Winter Works

Apart from the financial aspect, shipping your car in winter offers unique conveniences. One of the main advantages is the shorter waiting times. As carriers aren’t overwhelmed with orders, they can often provide faster pickup and delivery times. Furthermore, there’s a better chance of securing your preferred shipping date due to decreased competition.

Mitigating Winter Woes: Preparing Your Vehicle

Despite its many advantages, it’s crucial to prepare your vehicle for winter shipping. Here are some steps to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Subheader: Battery Boost

Cold weather can affect your car’s battery. Before shipping, check your battery and replace it if necessary to avoid any starting issues upon arrival.

Subheader: Antifreeze Assurance

Ensure your car has an adequate amount of antifreeze to prevent the engine from freezing during transport.

Engaging a Reliable Car Shipping Company

Choosing a professional car shipping company is paramount to a successful winter shipping experience. Look for companies with a proven track record in winter car shipping and positive customer reviews.


Shipping your car during the winter can be a surprisingly economical and convenient option. Lower costs due to reduced demand, faster delivery times, and the ability to negotiate more effectively are all compelling reasons to consider winter car shipping. With the right preparation and a reliable shipping company, you can take advantage of these benefits and navigate the supposed challenges seamlessly.


Why is car shipping cheaper in the winter?

Car shipping is typically cheaper in the winter due to a decrease in demand. With fewer people looking to ship their vehicles, carriers offer competitive rates to attract business.

How can I prepare my car for winter shipping?

Preparation steps include ensuring your car battery is in good condition and that your vehicle has an adequate amount of antifreeze to prevent the engine from freezing during transport.

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