June 5th, 2023

Common Car Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

Our article outlines how to avoid common car shipping mistakes, focusing on the importance of thorough research, understanding shipping options, and ensuring proper insurance coverage. This valuable guide provides a roadmap to a hassle-free car shipping experience within the United States.

Common Car Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

The Importance of Proper Planning

When you’re preparing to ship a car within the United States, a carefully laid plan can steer you clear of unnecessary pitfalls. In the world of auto transportation, your foremost strategy should be preparation. Understand that your vehicle is an investment, deserving of a secure and efficient shipping process.

The Pitfall of Insufficient Research

One of the most common mistakes is insufficient research. Choosing a car shipping company is a crucial decision that requires your due diligence. Don’t make hasty choices driven by urgency or desperation.

Comparing Car Shipping Companies

Before entrusting your precious vehicle to a car shipping company, it’s essential to examine the company’s reputation, services, and pricing. Online reviews and testimonials can provide insight into past customers’ experiences, helping you gauge the company’s reliability and professionalism.

Understanding the Pricing Structure

Another key factor to consider is the pricing structure. Avoid settling for the first quote you receive. Instead, request quotes from several companies, allowing you to compare and choose the most cost-effective and reliable option.

Failing to Understand Shipping Options

Not every car shipping service offers the same modes of transportation. It’s critical to understand the different shipping options available to you and choose the one that suits your needs and budget best.

Open vs. Enclosed Auto Transport

The primary modes of transport are open and enclosed auto transport. While open transport is more affordable, your vehicle is exposed to the elements and potential road debris. Enclosed transport offers greater protection, making it the preferred choice for luxury or classic cars.

Choosing the Right Insurance Coverage

Often overlooked yet exceedingly crucial is choosing the right insurance coverage for your car. Mistakenly assuming your vehicle is fully covered during transport can lead to unexpected financial burdens if damage occurs.

Understanding Your Coverage

Make sure you understand the extent of the shipping company’s insurance coverage. You may want to consider additional coverage if their policy doesn’t fully meet your needs.


Avoiding common car shipping mistakes can save you time, money, and unnecessary stress. By conducting thorough research, understanding shipping options, and ensuring sufficient insurance coverage, you can ensure a smooth, hassle-free car shipping experience within the United States.


Q: What is a common mistake when choosing a car shipping company?
A: Many people mistakenly choose the cheapest option, often neglecting to consider the company’s reputation and customer reviews, which can lead to a poor shipping experience.

Q: What mistake should I avoid when preparing my car for shipping?
A: A frequent oversight is failing to remove personal items from the car before shipping, potentially causing damage during transport due to unsecured items moving around.