July 24th, 2023

Navigating the Highways of Classic Car Shipping: An Expert Guide to Transporting Your Precious Cargo Across the States

Venturing into the realm of classic car shipping requires in-depth knowledge and exceptional care. This comprehensive guide offers an expert-led journey through the process, exploring aspects like understanding your unique vehicle, decoding state-specific regulations, choosing a reliable shipping company, handling insurance matters, and optimally preparing your classic car for its voyage. Embark on a secure transportation journey for your prized classic cars across the United States with confidence

Navigating the Highways of Classic Car Shipping: An Expert Guide to Transporting Your Precious Cargo Across the States


Delving into the world of classic cars demands a certain degree of knowledge and care. These mechanical masterpieces carry with them a sense of history and, quite often, a significant investment. Therefore, when the time comes to ship them across states, the task at hand necessitates an utmost degree of caution and expertise. This article aims to provide you with an insightful guide, brimming with practical advice to ensure the secure transportation of your classic cars across the United States.

Know Your Car

Appreciating the uniqueness

The first step in safely transporting your classic car is understanding its unique characteristics. Since classic cars often differ greatly from modern vehicles, they present specific needs that must be considered during the shipping process. Unlike modern vehicles, classics often have delicate components, making them susceptible to damage from excessive vibration or harsh weather conditions. Consequently, understanding your car’s particularities will help tailor a safe transportation plan.

Decoding the State Laws

Preparing for the legal maze

As you prepare to ship your classic car across the United States, it’s essential to navigate the legal labyrinth that is state regulations. Different states have diverse laws regarding vehicle transport, which can impact factors like insurance requirements or the type of carrier suitable for transport. Researching and adhering to these laws ensure compliance and secure transportation.

Selecting a Reliable Shipping Company

Checking the credibility

With an assortment of choices at your disposal, selecting a credible shipping company can be daunting. Prioritize companies with a wealth of experience in transporting classic cars and excellent customer reviews. Also, ensure the company has a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) registration, which serves as proof of their legitimacy.

Understanding the shipping process

Knowing the shipping company’s process offers you a glimpse into what to expect during the transport. It includes details such as their pick-up procedure, their approach to securing vehicles for transit, and their delivery method. Familiarizing yourself with this can help you better prepare your classic car for shipping.

Insurance Matters

Securing a safety net

Classic cars are valuable assets, and it’s crucial to ensure they are adequately insured during transport. Review the shipping company’s insurance policy and confirm that it provides sufficient coverage for potential damage. If the policy seems lacking, consider purchasing additional insurance to guarantee your car’s protection.

Preparing Your Classic Car for Shipping

Performing a pre-shipment check

Before handing over your classic car for shipping, it’s essential to conduct a thorough check. Document its existing condition, including any scratches or dents, and share this with the shipping company. Removing personal items and securing loose parts can also prevent potential damage during transportation.

The Journey of Your Classic Car

Tracking the transport

Most shipping companies provide tracking options that allow you to monitor your car during its journey. These tools can provide peace of mind and ensure that you stay informed about your car’s status and expected arrival time.


Shipping a classic car across the states is a task that requires thorough preparation and an understanding of various factors, such as state laws, the shipping company’s credibility, and insurance matters. Proper preparation of your car for shipping and staying informed during its journey further ensures a safe and smooth shipping experience.


1. What are some additional precautions I can take when shipping a classic car?

Ensure that all the loose parts in your car are securely fastened. Also, you may want to consider adding extra protection to sensitive areas of the car.

2. Is it safe to ship a classic car in an open carrier?

While it’s generally safe, shipping in an enclosed carrier offers additional protection against weather elements and road debris, making it a preferred choice for classic cars.