July 1st, 2023

How to Ship Your Car To & From Louisiana

Navigate the complex world of car shipping with our comprehensive guide. From selecting a reliable shipping company to understanding the complete process, master the art of transporting your vehicle to or from Louisiana with utmost ease and confidence.

How to Ship Your Car To & From Louisiana

Identifying Your Shipping Needs

To initiate the process of shipping your car to or from Louisiana, start by identifying your specific needs. Ask yourself, what type of car are you shipping? What’s the pick-up and drop-off location? Are there any time constraints you’re working within?

Assessing Shipping Options

Once you’ve recognized your shipping needs, explore the available shipping options. Door-to-door service is an often-chosen convenience, but terminal-to-terminal services can be a cost-effective alternative. Look at different transportation options as well. While open car transport is common, you may opt for a flatbed truck if you’re shipping a larger vehicle.

Choosing a Reliable Shipping Company

Your vehicle is a valuable asset, so it’s important to select a reliable shipping company. Verify the company’s USDOT number and check for insurance coverage. Also, read customer reviews and feedback to understand their experiences.

Getting a Shipping Quote

Next, gather quotes from different shipping companies. Remember, lower quotes aren’t always the best, as the service and insurance coverage may not meet your expectations. Hence, it’s essential to balance cost with service quality.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Shipping

Before your car hits the road, take some time to prepare it properly. Clean your car and remove all personal belongings. Check the tire pressure and fuel level. Also, note any pre-existing damage for your records.

Understanding the Shipping Process

Understanding the shipping process aids in alleviating potential anxieties. Typically, the shipping company will pick up your vehicle at the scheduled location and time. Then, your car will be transported to its destination. Upon arrival, conduct a final inspection of the vehicle to ensure no damage occurred during transit.

Evaluating Post-Shipping Procedures

After shipping your car, you’ll want to verify that everything went smoothly. If there’s any damage, make sure to document it and report it to the shipping company immediately.


Shipping your car to or from Louisiana involves several steps, from identifying your shipping needs to evaluating post-shipping procedures. By thoroughly understanding these steps, you’ll ensure a smooth and successful vehicle transportation experience.


1. How long does it take to ship a car to or from Louisiana?

The duration depends on various factors such as distance, traffic, weather, and the specific shipping method used. However, typically it can range from a few days to a couple of weeks.

2. What is the cost of shipping a car to or from Louisiana?

The cost of shipping a car varies based on factors like the distance to be covered, the type and size of the vehicle, and the shipping method chosen. Obtain quotes from different shipping companies for a more accurate estimate.

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