July 7th, 2023

How to Ship Your Car To & From Oklahoma

Embark on a seamless journey with our comprehensive guide to car shipping in Oklahoma. Equip yourself with key insights, from finding a reliable transporter to receiving your vehicle undamaged and on time. This practical resource ensures your car transportation experience is stress-free and efficient.

How to Ship Your Car To & From Oklahoma

The Necessity of Car Shipping

So, you’ve decided to transport your vehicle to or from Oklahoma. Your initial step is understanding why car shipping services are critical. Not only do these services save you the trouble and wear and tear of long-distance driving, but they also provide peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in expert hands. Plus, professional shipping is often more economical than driving the vehicle yourself, considering fuel costs and potential lodging expenses.

Choosing the Right Car Shipping Company

Naturally, you want the best possible care for your vehicle. That said, selecting a trusted car shipping company becomes vital. Start by conducting online research. Read reviews and ratings from past customers to get a sense of the company’s reliability. Moreover, check whether the company is registered with the Department of Transportation and has a valid USDOT number. These steps ensure your vehicle’s safety and legality of the transport process.

Importance of Quotes

To find the best deal, collect quotes from several companies. These estimates will offer a ballpark figure of your potential expenses. Remember, don’t jump on the lowest quote immediately—cheap doesn’t always equate to quality service. Balance cost with the company’s reputation and services offered.

Prepping Your Car for Shipment

Once you’ve selected your shipping company, start preparing your vehicle for its journey. Ensure your car is clean inside and out, as this will make it easier to identify any pre-existing damage. Document your car’s condition by taking clear, detailed photos of all sides of the vehicle. In addition, remove all personal belongings from the vehicle, as shipping companies are not liable for personal items.

Mechanical Checklist

Mechanically, your car should be in good working order. Check tire pressure, fluid levels, and battery charge. Your car may need to be driven on and off the transport vehicle, so it’s crucial that it runs smoothly. Plus, providing a set of keys to the transport driver allows for any necessary minor movements.

Understanding Your Shipping Options

Car shipping isn’t a one-size-fits-all service. There are several shipping options you can choose from, depending on your vehicle type, budget, and desired level of protection. Open-air transport is the most common and cost-effective choice, ideal for standard vehicles. On the other hand, luxury or classic car owners may prefer enclosed transport, offering enhanced protection from weather and road debris.

Delivery Methods: Door-to-Door vs. Terminal-to-Terminal

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-door service provides the utmost convenience, as the company picks up and drops off your vehicle as close to your specified locations as possible. While this option may be a tad pricier, it saves you time and potential transport to and from pickup and dropoff locations.

Terminal-to-Terminal Shipping

Alternatively, terminal-to-terminal service is usually cheaper, but it involves dropping off and picking up your car from specified transport terminals. This method might be beneficial for those living near these terminals and looking to save some money.

Insurance and Liability

It’s prudent to discuss insurance coverage with your chosen shipping company. Verify that the company holds valid insurance and understand what it covers. Additionally, it’s worthwhile checking if your own auto insurance provides any coverage during transport.

On Arrival: Inspection and Confirmation

Upon arrival, inspect your vehicle immediately for any potential new damage. Compare the car’s condition with your pre-shipment photos. In case of any discrepancies, report them promptly to the shipping company to process claims, if necessary. Finally, confirm the safe delivery of your car by signing the Bill of Lading (BOL), a legal document that acknowledges the receipt of your car.


Shipping your car to or from Oklahoma needn’t be a daunting task. By researching potential shipping companies, preparing your vehicle, understanding your options, and checking for insurance coverage, you can ensure a safe, efficient transport process.


How long does it take to ship a car to or from Oklahoma?

The duration of car shipping depends on the distance between pickup and dropoff locations, the transport method chosen, and the shipping company’s schedule. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Is it safe to ship my car with personal items inside?

While it’s technically possible to ship personal items in your car, it’s not recommended. Car shipping companies aren’t liable for personal belongings inside the vehicle, and these items may not be covered by insurance.

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